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3M Classic Ear Plug – 3M Yellow Ear Plugs

3M Classic E-A-RHello everybody! I am a co-owner of a family owned tree pruning and removal business. We are often using chainsaws or operating other equipment that can be quite noisy and some kind of hearing protection is a necessity. My go to brand of earplugs are the 3M E-A-R Classic Foam Earplugs. I love these earplugs!


Earplugs – The Simple And Convenient Hearing Protection

The 3M brand is well-known and these universal 3M Classic Earplugs are economical and offer a high level of comfort and hearing protection. They are soft and pliable and will easily form to the ear canal when inserted.

They are cylinder shaped and the dimensions are 1/2″ thick by 3/4″ long.

The noise reduction rating “NRR” is 29 decibels, which is great because cheap disposable earplugs can be in the lower 20s.

There are many different kinds and brands of earplugs but these are my favorite, they are easy to use and they offer enough hearing protection for our work.


Fitting Instructions – Inserting The Earplug Correctly

First slowly roll the earplug with your thumb and finger gradually increasing pressure to compress the plug into a thin cylinder. Secondly you will insert the still compressed plug into your ear while using your other hand to pull your ear outward and upward.

Finally, you will want to check to be sure the plug is inserted correctly by touching the plug, you should only be able to fell the end of the plug, the rest of it should be in your ear.


Comfort – Soft And Smooth

The 3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs offer features to make them a preference for workers across the globe. Their shape, density, and texture ensure all day comfort along with protection against a wide range of power tools and equipment noise.

You can’t tell if an earplug is comfortable by looking at it or touching it. That needs to be determined through user experience. From my experience they are extremely comfortable and you would be able to forget they are in your ear, except the muffled sounds around me keep reminding me of the great job they are doing!


Reuse and Cleaning – They Will Last A Long Time

These earplugs can be thrown away after use, although they are extremely durable and will last throughout many uses. During the day when you remove them from your ears store them in the original packaging, each pair has their own little cardboard box, and you can reuse them when you get back to work.

I usually let my earplugs in my pocket after work and wash them in the washer with my work clothes. They come out bright and clean and are ready for another day after they dry!


3M Earplug History

Introduced more than 40 years ago, these classic earplugs were the industry’s first foam cylinder earplug, revolutionizing hearing protection. Today they are among the most used earplugs worldwide.


My Final Thoughts

Another reason I love these earplugs is because of their unique slow recovery foam. They are firm when rolled and give you ample time to insert the earplug into your ear before it expands. It will expand within several seconds inside your ear to form a snug and comfortable seal to block out excess noise.

I’ve had different earplugs that were a struggle to properly insert into my ear because they would expand to quickly. The slow recovery foam prevents that problem and makes the overall user experience much more enjoyable.

When the earplugs are properly inserted they will make a significant difference in the sound you are able to hear. Forget about hearing the wind blowing or leaves rustling. Footsteps will disappear and you can even hear your heart beating!

The next time you will be in a noisy environment take along a pair of these earplugs and see what they can do for you.

Thanks for reading and I would welcome comments or questions about these earplugs.

Your arborist friend:


4 thoughts on “3M Classic Ear Plug – 3M Yellow Ear Plugs”

  1. Good info! I really like this brand! I use these earplugs some for when I help split firewood and even when we do the mowing. They are very handy to just throw in the washer afterwards and they are good to use after that again! W e have had no issues with them not working right after that. We have quite the collection piled up after we wash them!

    • Thank you! I’m happy to have found someone who loves these earplug as much as I do. I often see other people wearing earmuffs when mowing their lawn, but earplugs are inconspicuous and I won’t always notice they are wearing them, plus they are much cheaper and easier to wash and clean. They can simply be stored in your pocket when not in use unlike earmuffs which need to be carried with you or hung around your neck.

  2. Pretty cool piece about the earplugs. I do a bit of DIY work with tools in my garage but I just wear protective earmuffs.
    I might have to get some of the earplugs, they look to be easier than putting on sweaty earmuffs when I want to work on my projects.

    • Thanks for the comment! Earmuffs are handy for some jobs where you frequently put them on and take them off. Earplugs are great to wear for an extended period of use and you can carry them with you in your pocket.


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