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40 Volt Chainsaw Reviews – Good Chainsaw For Home Use

Did you ever have a tree or a tree branch break down in a thunderstorm or snowstorm while you were at work? When you arrive home, you find the unpleasant surprise. Hopefully it is not blocking your driveway so you can at least pull into your parking space or into your garage. This is when we wish we had read and understood the 40 volt chainsaw reviews.

An even worse case scenario other than damaging your house or other property, would be waking up in the morning and realizing your driveway is completely blocked by a tree or limb that broke down in a storm overnight and there is no way to leave for work! If you do not have your own chainsaw you will definitely be late for work as you spend your morning using a hand saw to cut a path to drive through.

In this article you will find Greenworks 14 inch 40 volt chainsaw reviews and advice. The 40 volt family has 3 sizes of chainsaws. This is the middle or medium size and is a good chainsaw for home use, as it will save you hours when cutting fallen branches and trees into manageable lengths. This battery powered chainsaw is ideal for jobs around your home such as pruning and cutting trees, cutting firewood and even using it for construction or demolition projects. Once you have used a chainsaw you will find they can be used for many different projects!

40 volt chainsaw reviews

16 Inch 40 Volt Cordless Chainsaw – In A Family Of Useful Tools


The 40 volt family of power tools has many useful tools for most of your outdoor needs. The extensive list includes over 25 tools ranging from a pole saw, a leaf blower, a string trimmer, and a hedge trimmers. To even larger power tools including a lawn mower, a snowblower, and even a cultivator for you garden.

Having one size battery that can fit the tools you need reduces clutter of different batteries and chargers lying around. Its efficient as you only need a few batteries and can power any compatible tool. Greenworks has several battery sizes for these tools. They are each 40 volts but the AH’s defines how long they will last before they need to be recharged. This chainsaw comes with a 3 AH which is great for most cutting jobs. The battery can be recharged in 90 minutes and they have battery AH sizes from 2 AH up to 5AH.

Greenworks 40 Volt Chainsaw Reviews

  • Where to buy –
  • Battery Voltage – 40 Volts
  • Battery Capacity – 2.5 AH
  • Cuts per charge – 150 cuts on 4×4 inch lumber
  • Trigger Speed – Variable
  • Automatic chain oiler – Yes
  • Bar length – 16 inches
  • Chain gauge – 0.043 inch
  • Chain pitch – 3/8 inch
  • Chain speed – 40 feet per second
  • Chainsaw dimensions – 16.5 x 8.1 x 8.7 inches
  • Chainsaw weight – 10.4 pounds / with battery 12.3
  • Chainsaw warranty – 4 years
  • Battery warranty – 2 years
  • The saw has changed over time, specs will be close.


Features On This Chainsaw – Comparable To A 40cc Gas Engine


First of all and one of the most important, the engine power. This cordless chainsaw is comparable to similar size gas powered chainsaws with 40cc of engine power. The digital controlled brushless motor provides the boost in power and 30% more torque for amazing cutting performance.

Up to 70% less chainsaw vibration makes operating the chainsaw more enjoyable while causing less fatigue. The sturdy steel wrap around handle enables many different cutting angles.

The translucent oil tank easily lets you see the oil level inside and when its time to refill, the easy turn oil tank cap lets you get back to work quickly.

Metal bucking spikes on the chainsaw help bite fast to the tree or branch helping keep the chainsaw steady and enabling faster and smoother cutting.

A tool to tighten the chain and to change the chain is stored in the chainsaw handle, keeping it with you at all times for whenever it is needed.

Would you like the option to purchase this chainsaw or learn more about other sizes of Greenworks chainsaws? Click here to view the 5 popular Greenworks chainsaws with varying battery voltage and bar lengths.


Benefits Of Owning A Battery Operated Chainsaw

In the last several years the cordless battery powered outdoor tools have grown exponentially in size and power! Now you can use them to maintain your entire lawn and garden! They are also available at nearly every lawn and garden store and the many different companies making them and competing for customers keeps the chainsaws at an affordable price.

A cordless battery chainsaw is a handy tool for anybody to own, especially if you don’t use it very often. If you don’t use a gas chainsaw often, the carburetor can gum up and when you really need the chainsaw it will not start, but a battery chainsaw offers similar power and is going to start at the push of a button. No need to exhaust yourself pulling the starter rope on a stubborn chainsaw!

The maintenance needed on a battery chainsaw is practically nonexistent! Other than replacing a dull chain or adding oil to lubricate the bar and chain approximately every time you change the battery.

The majority of customers that shared 40 volt chainsaw reviews liked the chainsaw during their use of it!


Safety Tips On Operating A Chainsaw

Remember a chainsaw is a convenient tool but can be dangerous if mishandled. Take care when replacing a chain, possibly wear gloves. A new chain has many razor sharp teeth! I have already been cut by a sharp chain, so it definitely can happen!

Also beware of kick back from the chainsaw bar, it usually happens when the nose of the bar contacts the side of a log or branch. To prevent that use caution when cutting and keep a firm grip with your front hand on the wrap around handle.

Keeping the chain tension fairly tight will prevent a small twig from getting between the bar and chain and throwing off the chain when the twig goes around the nose sprocket. You can easily check the chain tension by using a finger and thumb to pull the chain out from the bar. It should give about 1/8 to 1/4 inch clearance and when you release the chain there should be no sag on the bottom of the bar.


Have Fun Cutting Wood!

As a co-owner in a family owned Tree Pruning and Removal business, I have many exciting stories about jobs we have done and the tools we use! A chainsaw is one of the most important tools in our truck and is used almost every day. I enjoy using them for various jobs ranging from the smallest to the largest trees! Feeling the power in my hands and watching the chainsaw slice through the logs and seeing sawdust fly brings a feeling of accomplishment.

Personally I prefer using gas powered chainsaws in our business because we use them a lot and cut large trees, although for light to medium work for around the home I would recommend a cordless chainsaw.

If you have used a battery powered chainsaw and would like to share your experiences, or if you have any other comments or questions be sure to ask them!

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Photo credits: Greenworks Tools


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  1. Thanks Justin,
    A good article an useful for all homeowners to use around their property.
    I liked the conversational tone, good images.
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    Obviously written by an expert.

    • Thank you for your comment and showing an interest!
      I find that some articles are more enjoyable to read if they have a conversational tone and try do the same in some of mine describing the tools we use in our work.

  2. Nice article on battery powered chainsaw, actually thinking of buying the gas chainsaw, but with your reviews I think the battery powered is a better choice.

  3. Hey,

    This is a really important article to me as I live in an apartment that has a front and back garden. My landlord does not have a chainsaw to cut down the many trees (too many).

    So I have forwarded this onto him and hopefully he will be wise and purchase the chainsaw you are reviewing.

    I have encouraged him to comment or get in touch if he has any questions.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work on your site.

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    • Trees can be great for the shade and other things but there can also be to many crowded into an area, and a chainsaw can take care of that problem!
      Thanks for commenting on and sharing my article, and I will welcome any questions!

  4. I’m delighted with the content. I read it and I don’t believe it. Great article on the motor-power saw. My husband is a lumberjack and he’s thinking about buying good and quality chainsaw, but with your reviews, I think he’s going to change his mind. Thank you for your content. 

    • Happy to help by sharing my insight!  Battery chainsaws are becoming a favorite for many.

      Although if your husband will be using a chainsaw most of the day and for large trees I would recommend a gas engine chainsaw built for commercial use. STIHL makes an excellent chainsaw for cutting large trees!

  5. Visit this blog to know about the 40 vlt chainsaw review’s and the good chainsaw for home use. I enjoyed reading this article. You would get the best review over here and would suggest others too. I like how you have researched and presented these exact points so clearly.


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