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Best Loppers For Large Branches – DIY Small Tree Trimming

Did you ever have a shrub or bush that needed to be trimmed? Or perhaps some branches are hanging to low in your lawn? You probably did or still do and they continue to grow and keep getting worse! One of the best loppers for large branches is made by Corona Tools and it is larger and stronger than many other brands! This brand is known and respected by many professionals.

Which Kind Of Loppers Do I Need

There are 2 primary kinds of loppers, a bypass loppers and an anvil loppers. Each of these loppers have their place in gardening and arborist work, but an anvil loppers should never be used for the final cuts when pruning a live tree.

An anvil loppers has a knife that closes against the anvil. The anvil is a flat piece of steel below the blade. When cutting a branch the knife crushes the branch against the anvil and cuts it off. It can leave a ragged cut and the tree will heal slower. The anvil loppers is ideal for dead wood or other cutting where a clean cut is not needed.

The bypass loppers is designed much like scissors but with curved blades to help hold the branch in the jaws. It has 2 curved blades and the sharp blade slides past the slightly thicker blade. This type of loppers is ideal for pruning or trimming trees and shrubs. It can cut closer to the trunk than an anvil loppers and it leaves a clean cut which promotes faster healing. A bypass loppers can be used for almost all cutting, although large dead wood can be difficult.

If you want to be cutting a lot of branches at or above 2 inches in diameter you may want to invest in a chainsaw instead. Here is a list of budget friendly battery powered chainsaws that are perfect for light to medium duty use. The list includes 5 various sized chainsaws, including a popular budget model for around $150. For that price a battery and charger is included!


Where Can I find A Corona Bypass Loppers?

They are available at some hardware stores, you may have to check your local store to see if they carry this brand. If you prefer to shop online you can find this loppers and a variety of other Corona branded hand tools on Amazon.


Corona Dual Cut Loppers – The Best Loppers For Large Branches

best loppers for large branchesCorona is proud to manufacture durable cutting tools! They use a forging process that compacts steel molecules into their strongest tools.

This is one of the best bypass loppers for large branches and it has a patented DualCUT blade and hook design. The DualCUT notched hook holds the branch in place for easier cutting and it provides 2 zones of cutting for either power or precision.

The PrecisionZONE is on the outer tip of the blade and is used for many quick cuts on smaller branches. The PowerZONE is at the back of the blade nearest the pivot point which creates maximum leverage for cutting large branches.

Its hook and blade chassis are single piece designs of forged, high carbon steel to make it stronger and more durable. It even features shock absorbing bumpers to lessen the shock in the handles when the blade closes.

The handles are comfortable to grasp and have contoured soft grips that fit various hand sizes. This loppers is a bit larger than many others, it is about 32 inches long. The extra few inches in handle length are actually a good thing as it creates more leverage when cutting larger branches. best loppers for large branches

Cutting Capabilities – Extra Large Branches

Bypass loppers can cut branches up to 2 inches in diameter, even a bit larger with softer wood. I often use our bypass loppers to prune different types of pine trees or when trimming small branches on trees. Fruit trees and landscaping shrubbery do not stand a chance against this powerful loppers. It makes a nice clean cut in areas where a chainsaw would be too big!

Our Corona bypass loppers almost always goes along to all of our stump grinding jobs, often times when I am finished grinding the stump there are a few small roots sticking up in the air and this tool easily cuts them off. We even use it to cut tree roots that are seen near the surface of the ground.

The steel blade stays sharp a long time through this abuse, but when it does eventually grow dull it can easily be sharpened by hand using a flat file or a sanding disc.

From cutting various tree branches to cutting roots in the ground, this tool by Corona is the best loppers for large branches around your home.


Is Any Maintenance Needed?

Does anybody like servicing their tools? Preferably we want to use tools that need minimal maintenance, giving us more time to spend on our hobbies and less time at work.

We have owned this loppers for several years and in that time we have pretty much done these 3 tuneups.

  1. Sharpen the blade when it becomes dull.
  2. Occasional oil lubrication on the hinge to keep it opening and closing smoothly.
  3. Adjust the closeness of the cut. This keeps the cut as close as possible so even small twigs are cut cleanly. This is preset by the manufacture and any adjustment may only be needed if you are using this tool for commercial use.


History Of Corona Tools

Corona Tools was founded in the 1920s when their 1st tool was invented to cut oranges from trees instead of pulling the orange from the tree. This helped keep the orange in better condition as it made a 15-day journey from California to the east coast of the United States.

Today Corona Tools continues to be a leader in manufacturing professional tools for lawn and garden, landscapers, and arborists. Corona’s Tools proven design and quality manufacturing process makes their tools a top choice for professionals and avid gardeners.


In Conclusion

As I have mentioned earlier I am a co-owner in a Tree Pruning and Removal business. I believe this is one of the best loppers for large branches and it has proven to be a worthwhile tool. We use our loppers often and it has made thousands of cuts, possibly tens of thousands!

I want to answer any questions you may have about the tools we use or offer my recommendations on any product questions you may have. Simply leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Have a great time trimming the trees and shrubs around your home!

Your arborist friend:



11 thoughts on “Best Loppers For Large Branches – DIY Small Tree Trimming”

  1. To be honest, I was hooked “Corona Tools” in your article when I was looking for the best lopper reviews because the word “corona” is not a very sexy word recently. Hahaha.

    Anyway, do you have any recommendations for the best lopper on the market with the lowest possible price? I mean, can you provide me with the amazon link?

    • True that, I defiantly thought about the name as I was writing the article. Hopefully it doesn’t affect the business of this company.

      I believe the price on this loppers is reasonable, but the compound bypass action loppers is a little smaller and can cut up to 1 and a half inches instead of 2 inches for about 30% cheaper.

  2. When i was growing up as a kid, I always followed my dad to trim flowers and garden shrubs.  He had good loppers but i had no idea of what they were then! I used to call them big scissors, maybe they are bypass loppers. They were very sharp and ease to handle. We still have Shrubs and flowers, I think i should try anvil loppers. Thanks for your presentations of these implements, and showing their capacities and maintenance structure. 

    Nice Presentation!

    • Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts on these  loppers. The bypass loppers are similar to a scissors, that’s probably what it was. They are defiantly sharp and a useful tool to trim shrubs!

  3. Hi Justin,

    This review is very timely because in our place, it is spring but the trees are just starting to grow back the leaves. The branches that are long and extend in the sidewalk or the pavement needs to be cut for safety.

    The CORONA ( just like the Corona virus, lol! )  dual cut lopper is the best for this job, I’m sure. I will tell my husband to look into this. I like that it needs less maintenance and does its job even for the very large branches.


    • Thanks for the comment! It is spring here also, and many branches are growing lower and I will need to take care of them soon! A loppers comes in handy!

  4. Corona Loppers, huh? Lol! The name is timingly relevant indeed!

    In my entire life I have always lived in an apartment, so I don’t have any experience on trimming shrubs, or trimming lawns. But I am familiar with Loppers because our shop has backyard that has patches of wild grass. We used to use Loppers to get rid of those, but since we got busy, we just use “chemical”.

    Is it bad? Should we keep on using Loppers? If you should then, what kind of Loppers would recommend for us? In terms of usage (just for wild grass) and price?

    Your answer will be a great help.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Using chemicals on the weeds is fine. If you want to go back to cutting the grass a Classic cut grass shears would be better. It has a blade about 12 inches long to cut grass or trim the tips of a bush.

      It will cost about $30.

  5. Hello there! Thanks for the review, it was really helpful. Sometimes trimming tree branches can be really tiring especially when removing large branches. Loppers are the best tools for removing lower branches.

    However, a loppers is not suitable for removing branches thicker than 2 inches. You may need to use a chainsaw for these branches.

    Basically for me, I use the bypass loppers for carrying out the task.

    • The bypass loppers is a favorite and can be used for almost any cutting projects.

      Holding a tool and reaching above our head to cut can defiantly tire the arms. But with a few second rest I am able to continue!

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