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Best Metal Yard Rake – It Is Strong And Affordable

It is that time of the year again, Old Man Winter is fading and giving way to Spring. Along with Spring comes spring cleanup around the outside of your home. Using the best metal yard rake to remove sticks, leaves and other debris that has accumulated in your beautiful lawn over the winter will help get the job done much quicker than struggling with an old, weak and worn out rake!

The reason I consider this the best metal yard rake is because we use them in our family owned tree pruning and removal business! I have tried other metal yard rakes and some plastic yard rakes but this specific metal yard rake is one of the best for multiple uses in our business. I love this rake so much that we usually buy more than 1 at a time and when they wear out from our heavy commercial use I go back to the store and buy more!

The Best Metal Yard Rake – 22 Inch Steel Tine Rake

best metal yard rakeThe favorite metal yard rake of our crew is this 22-inch steel tine rake. This tool has a wooden handle, although if you prefer a fiberglass handle that is an option as well! The wooden handle is 54 inches long, while its overall length is a great size at about 64 inches long and will fit most adults. The head of the rake is 22 inches wide and has 22 metal tines.

The Best Metal Yard Rake Color – An Eye Catcher

This awesome rake has cheerful bright red metal tines along with a silver colored metal spring to keep the tines aligned and provide pressure for raking larger debris.

Its wooden handle is a dark brown color and contrasts well with the bright red metal tines. The optional fiberglass handle is red as well!

Metal Yard Rake Uses – A Handy Toolyard rake at work

The metal tines and the design of this rake is specifically geared toward raking small broken branches or leaves out of a lawn. In the spring this rake is an essential tool during spring cleanup, using it to clean out landscape beds and your lawn from debris that accumulates during the winter months.

I have used the best metal yard rake for many different things besides its normal use. Primarily I use it to rake the lawn after we are finished cutting down or pruning a tree. It does an awesome job of cleaning up small broken twigs and limbs from branches we have removed from the tree. Leaves are not a problem while using this rake, they are easily raked along with the sticks onto a pile to be cleaned up!

When our job involves cutting a tree down we usually need to cut the tree stump off close to the ground. If it is a big stump, which it is usually, then there will be a large pile of sawdust at the stump that needs to be cleaned up. The rake works well to rake the sawdust onto a scoop shovel to dump into the back of the truck.

If the tree we work on has walnuts, acorns, chestnuts, or some other kind of nut, this rake is able to rake the nuts along with the leaves and sticks. Walnuts are big enough for this rake but it probably wouldn’t be the best metal yard rake for heavier things like apples and peaches that have fallen to the ground. For heavy objects like large fruit or stones a garden rake with non flexible tines would be a better option.

This metal yard rake is my trusted tool when I have a stump grinding job. After I am done grinding the stump I will use this steel tine rake to clean up the wood chips and dirt from the yard. After the yard is nicely cleaned up then I finish leveling off the area where the stump was. The rake does an excellent job fine-tuning the finishing grade and raking the wood chips left from the stump grinder.

Still another use for this best metal yard rake is when I am seeding a new lawn or seeding grass where we have ground out a stump! After the ground is prepared for seed and the grass seed is spread on the dirt, then use the steel tine rake and lightly drag it over the area that was seeded. This helps work the grass seed under the surface of the ground and helps it germinate and stay moist while it starts to grow.

What Are Average Prices For The Best Metal Yard Rake?

Generally a metal yard rake’s price will be somewhere in the $15 to $40 range depending on the manufacturer and whether the handle is made of wood, fiberglass or steel. There are various widths of the rake that will also play a factor in the price. This best metal yard rake is reasonably priced at around $20, so it is among the cheaper rakes, yet its quality and durability is at the top of the line!

Just the other day I went to my local hardware store to buy 2 more of these metal yard rakes, and was pleased to see they will be having a 10% off sale on them. I may need to stock up on rakes so I have an ample supply for a while.

Care And Maintenance

Its made of metal and wood and no moving parts so basically you don’t need any maintenance besides common sense on this tool. Sure, if its muddy you can wash it off when finished working. By keeping your best metal yard rake stored inside it will help prevent rust on the tines where the paint is worn off from normal use.

Sometime I need to retighten the bolt that connects the rake to the handle. The bolt also keeps the spring tight and if it starts to loosen the rake head will begin to feel wobbly. Tighten the bolt is no big deal, simply use a small wrench or even a pliers and tighten it until its snug and you will be set. I sometimes think the manufacture doesn’t have it tight enough and after heavy use it can work itself loose.

Our metal yard rakes generally last a few months to around half a year or sometimes even longer! Of course, we use them hard and sometimes they do break because a tree branch fell on it or a piece of machinery drives over one! By using the rake mostly around your home it will last for many years!

Keep Your Lawn And Flower Beds Immaculate

I hope you can use this rake for your next cleanup project or any other use you can find. I believe you will like it nearly as much as I do! I will be happy to answer any questions you have about this rake or would enjoy hearing about any experiences you had with your best metal yard rake.

Your Arborist Friend: Justin

3 thoughts on “Best Metal Yard Rake – It Is Strong And Affordable”

  1. A leaf or yard rake is sure a convenient tool to have in my shed, it comes in handy when I trim the shrubbery around my house. It does an excellent job cleaning the cut pieces out of the bark mulch.
    My rake is also useful when raking grass clippings.
    Thanks for the article describing the rake you like to use!

  2. This is an excellent garden tool. We have a rake like this too and it is very useful for bringing the leaves together with twigs etc. In the Autumn we get a lot of leaves on our lawn from neighbouring trees and always use a rake like this to clear. 

    We have also used it when reseeding patches on the lawn too. We have had ours for many years and it is still going strong. It’s always worth paying more for good quality tools because they do a better job and last much longer.

    An interesting article, thank you.

    • Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! I hope I answered your questions and am thankful to see you have a similar rake and have used it for many years!


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