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Buy A STIHL Chainsaw Online – The Best Name In Chainsaws

Today I want to look at some reasons why cordless chainsaws have grown so fast in popularity! And also why they are hard find at local stores which may lead you to research if you can buy a STIHL chainsaw online. There are many companies that make cordless chainsaws, but to be sure you have a high quality chainsaw go with my favorite and most trusted name which is STIHL.

STIHL has been making chainsaws since 1926 and are the only company to make their own chains and guide bars. STIHL is the #1 selling brand of gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment in America. That lofty claim is even more impressive when you realize they do not sell their chainsaws in big box stores. They are only sold by authorized STIHL dealers who are professionals of outdoor power tools.

Great news! STIHL has recently added several sizes of battery operated cordless chainsaws to their chainsaw lineup. They are the perfect addition to your outdoor power tools or are a great option for some commercial businesses.

buy a stihl chainsaw online

Why Don’t I See STIHL Chainsaws On Amazon Or At My Local Lawn And Garden / Hardware Stores?

You may be wondering why you can’t buy a STIHL chainsaw online from Amazon? Well I have the answer for you, it is actually a simple answer and goes all the way back to STIHL. They want to support the smaller business owners and their stores. So they only sell their products through STIHL dealers, which are specialists in outdoor equipment and can offer you professional advice and recommend the correct size for your needs.

These dealers service the tools they sell, and go through training to diagnose and repair any potential issues so if the chainsaw needs maintenance or even as simple as needing a new chain or chain sharpening your STIHL dealer will take care of it for you!

Even after a few visits to your local STIHL dealer they can remember you and greet you by your name as you walk through the door. When did an employee at a Home Depot or Lowes greet you by your name as you walked into the store?

Buying from a dealer allows you to simply carry a broken chainsaw through a STIHL dealer’s front door and they will fix it for you. A simple phone call to the dealer can also solve minor issues.

A big box store offers none of these perks, their goal is to sell you the product and make their profit. Therefore, you don’t see STIHL on their shelves. Power tools bought at these stores need to be shipped to a repair shop the manufacture approves of when an issue arises, which results in several weeks of down time.


How Do I Find A Dealer And Buy A STIHL Chainsaw Online

To find a location that sells these chainsaws you can go into the STIHL website and they provide you with a list of dealers near you.

I have done some research looking for options where we can buy a STIHL chainsaw. ACME tools has been in business since 1948 and offer STIHL cordless battery chainsaws along with a wide selection of regular gas powered STIHL chainsaws.


STIHL Chainsaw Batteries – The Power Source

The battery that powers this chainsaw has 36 volts. Although each battery has 36 volts, the amp hours in the battery determine how long you can use it before it needs to be recharged. There are several sizes of batteries, each amp hour size larger will provide longer run time.

When pruning or using the chainsaw in a way that requires a lot of movement or stretching, like climbing in a tree, we want to keep the overall weight of the chainsaw as light as possible by staying with the smaller battery and probably have 2 batteries so one can charge one while the other is in the chainsaw.

A large battery would be recommend for cutting firewood or felling trees when the weight is not as big of a factor, when cutting firewood often times the saw is resting on the log and the weight is actually helping apply pressure to the chain as it cuts.

There is often some confusion about how battery volts and amps are used to power the chainsaw. Its pretty simple to remember if you can remember this. A batteries volts provide power, like the engine in a truck. The amp hours are how long the battery will last while the chainsaw is running, similar to the size of the gas tank in the truck. So the bigger battery with more amp hours does not make the chainsaw more powerful, it only provides a longer run time.


Guide Bar – Made By STIHL

STIHL makes their own chain and guide bar which is named STIHL ROLLOMATIC. How cool is that? Seeing the STIHL logo on both the chainsaw and guide bar definitely is awesome! Most of the other brands of chainsaws simply buy the guide bars from another manufacture and put them on their chainsaws.

The guide bar sizes on the STIHL cordless chainsaws are 10, 12, 14, and 16 inches in length. 12 inches is a great length if you will mostly be doing pruning or cutting small limbs. The 16-inch bar is a perfect size for cutting firewood and larger trees. If you, are debating between two sizes I would recommend going with the larger size. Having a bar a couple inches longer often comes in handy.


Why You Should Choose A Battery Chainsaw Over A Gas Chainsaw

Do you know one of the biggest complaints about a gas chainsaw? How difficult they can be to get started! Now some people have plenty of strength to pull the starter rope, but others may not or may tire sooner. Of course, chainsaws are supposed to start on the first pull with a warm engine or within the first several pulls if the engine is cold, but that doesn’t always happen.

As the chainsaw ages it can become harder to start or it may not run as smoothly because of corrosive gas eating at the carburetor. Eventually the carburetor will need to be replaced for the chainsaw to run properly.

A battery powered chainsaw has an electric engine powered by the battery. That means it runs clean, efficient, and without any harmful exhaust. It will start with the push of a button and the engine is much less complex than a gas engine. There should be no maintenance needed on a battery powered engine!

Imagine its cold and snowy outside and you want to be cutting firewood, these chainsaws are much quieter than a gas chainsaw and without the exhaust fumes it can even be used indoors!

Stihl Cordless Chainsaw Owners Share Their Thoughts And Experiences

A Great Chainsaw For Home Use

I use a gas chainsaw in our Tree Pruning and Removal business, and would recommend using a gas chainsaw for heavy use or if you want to cut large trees. Although for small to medium trees a STIHL cordless chainsaw would be a great option, its guaranteed to start and won’t have engine problems even if you rarely use it!

One of the battery chainsaws that are great for homeowners, landscapers, and arborists is the STIHL MSA 120 C-BQ. It can be used for many different cutting projects and of course for their primary use of cutting trees and branches or to cut firewood.


Concluding Thoughts And Tips

Maybe the STIHL brand is not for you? They are a professional grade chainsaw and rather expensive. If you will only be using the chainsaw occasionally you could consider a DEWALT or Greenworks brand of chainsaw.

Bar and chain oil may not be included when you are looking to buy a STIHL chainsaw online and will need to be purchased before you can begin cutting. Any generic brand will be fine to use. You can easily find bar and chain oil at your local hardware or lawn and garden store. It can also be bought online, saving you a trip to the store.

Chainsaw users definitely know the frustration of having a dull chain! It is fairly easy to know when the chain is becoming dull by the slower cutting or most likely it will begin cutting crooked and pinch the bar when cutting larger logs.

Do not struggle with a dull chain, if you are unsure about the sharpness of the chain, it’s probably time to replace it with a sharp chain. A new or sharp chain should easily cut through the wood and can cut twice as fast as a dull chain.

Save your dull chains and take them to a sharpening service near you. Chains can be sharpened several times before the teeth are worn down.

Here is a simple trick I have learned to avoid sawing into the dirt when cutting logs into firewood. Make all your cuts in the log but stop each cut when you are about 2 inches from the ground. Then roll the log a half turn and finish each cut!

I have been cutting and pruning trees for 15+ years and want to help you by sharing my experience and answering questions you may have. I would like to hear about your experiences working with trees or if you have used a STIHL chainsaw! Leave any questions or comments in the comment section below.

Your arborist friend:


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  1. I like the personalised service that you look like you will get with stihl and yes I only would use the light version as I have only basic pruning that I would do every couple of months. Thanks for pointing out the different battery options. All in all a good overall product choice.

  2. STHIL has some amazing product, and I have been using them for years. What I really like is the longevity of them. Real quality that you know will last. Great article. Thank you.

    • Thanks for sharing your comment and experience with using STIHL. They are made from high quality products and last a while even with heavy commercial use!

  3. Hello,
    Well done on such an informative and in-depth article. It’s great that you summarise everything in the bottom too, it makes it easier for me to come to a judgement/understanding of the article when it’s articulated again at the end.

    I didn’t realise battery powered chainsaws even exist if I’m being honest! I do think they’ll become the future though as petrol starts to be overtaken by electric/battery-powered equipment.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! I believe battery chainsaws will become the first choice for many people, especially for home owners and for general use around the home.

  4. Hello! Great job for putting up such an awesome and in-depth article together. It looks beautiful with the summaries in the bottom as well. It completely makes it easier for readers to understand the point you intend to pass. I haven’t seen a battery powered chainsaws yet, but I do believe that they are here now as gas oil starts to be overtaken by battery-powered equipment now days.
    Great job done and keep it up buddy.


    • Thanks for sharing a comment. I am happy to help others by sharing information and also believe for many people the battery chainsaw are overtaking their gas counterparts 

  5. Hello,

    Whilst I do not use a chainsaw for felling trees my boyfriend does and I have shared this information with him. He completely understands what you have written and is finding the detail really useful. His father also uses so they have been swapping stories. He had not heard of Stihl but is now looking at in more detail. Thanks

    • Thanks for reading and sharing a comment! I am happy to provide you with valuable information!. Have a great day! 

  6. Hey nice article you have there. I was actually searching online for the best chainsaw to buy that will be effective in it’s operation, I was directed to this article. Having seen the features of the STIHL Battery Chainsaw, I am convinced that it will be a perfect choice for me to buy, because it is more economical and easy to start than it’s counterpart

    • Thanks leaving a comment. You won’t be disappointed with this tool! I have been told by others how much they liked this Stihl chainsaw.

  7. Really helpful tips. I’ve used STHIL products for years, and they are incredible. The fact that they last so long is what I truly like. Genuine quality that you can trust to endure. fantastic article I’m grateful.  Thanks for sharing!. Nice to read and thanks for the article.


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