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Fiskars Extendable Pole Saw Pruner – DIY Tree Pruning

Who doesn’t like a shade tree near their house, providing relieving shade from the burning summer sun? Trees are “supposedly” slow growing, but usually it seems there is a never ending battle to keep the branches pruned away from your house! Same with the lower branches that are growing longer and keep hanging lower and lower onto your porch and swatting your head as you try to mow your lawn.

By now, you are sick and tired of the branches scraping your house or bumping your head so you decide to do something about it! You wonder if a Fiskars extendable pole saw pruner is the correct tool to use or if you should call a professional tree service company.

It can’t hurt to call a few local tree service companies, but after a few phone calls we find out these businesses are geared for much larger projects and may charge several hundred dollars simply to cover their expanses to bring a crew and equipment to your house.

Unfortunately that price seems like overkill for the few limbs bothering you so you decide to tackle the project yourself! Cheers! Your feeling motivated to cut the bothersome branches, now you just need to find a Fiskars extendable pole saw pruner.

If you have many branches or decent sized branches to cut, maybe you would consider learning more about a gas or battery powered pole saw with a small chainsaw attached. The chainsaw will add a bit more weight, but it will be much easier and faster to cut with.


What Is A Pole Saw Or Pole Pruner?

It is actually a simple tool and is effective at cutting tree limbs. They have a saw blade and a pruning shears on the one end of a fiberglass or wooden handle. Some have only a saw blade and some have only a pruning shears. This particular model has both attachments and is considered a 2 in 1!

Some models have 2 or 3 extension handles to add together for a higher reach, but this Fiskars extendable pole saw pruner is one piece and has an inner handle that can be extended various lengths up to 14 feet!

That is a decent amount of reach, when you consider your own height you will be near 20 feet.


How Does It Work / Is It Easy To Operate?

You will be burning calories using the saw on this tool! The saw is powered by yourself, you push and pull the handle to cut the branch. The same as a hand saw but it is on an extension pole.

We like its longer saw blade rather than a shorter one because the longer one travels farther and cuts more with each push and pull of the handle. This 15 inch blade is a good length for the tool.

The saw blade can be easily removed or attached by using one thumb nut. This is convenient when we are cutting small branches with the pruning shears, because the saw can sometimes be a small nuisance when it is not being used. It sticks up above the pruning shears, catching other limbs as we work, so quickly removing it solves the problem!

The pruning shears is definitely the part of this tool you will want to use on all limbs up to it is max cutting size! Its sharp bypass blade will cleanly cut small limbs and is especially effective with small branches that would not be steady enough to cut with the saw.

Its pruning shears are powered by the operator pulling a rope. The rope is fastened to the shears and run through a pulley at the top of the handle. Then the rest of the rope hangs down within reach.


Fiskars Extendable Pole Saw Pruner

  • This sturdy tree pruning system extends 14 feet and it features Power-Lever technology for up to 2X more cutting power
  • It is precision-ground steel pruner shears can cut branches up to 1-1/8 inches thick
  • A 15 inch WoodZig saw enables you to cut large branches
  • The oval-shaped fiberglass poles help reduce flex during long reaches, help to control the direction of the cut, and fit the natural shape of a person’s hands
  • Its secure double locking system keeps the extended pole tight
  • Minimal maintenance is needed, simply apply oil to the pivot points for continued smooth operation


The Locking System – Will It Stay Tight?

fiskars extendable pole saw prunerYou can be assured this tool is especially designed not to slip! It features a double locking system which is an upgrade from older models.

As you can see in the image, there is a small hole in the handle that is for the 2nd lock. There are 3 of these small holes in the handle for 3 different lengths.

You will gently slide the handle until you hear a click, the sound of the pin going into the hole and securing the handle at your selected length. We can still use the saw by using the first lock at any desired length, but aggressive sawing may cause the handle to slip until the 2nd lock is applied.

Each of the 3 holes are approximately 2 – 3 feet apart so you would be fine simply using them most of the time! I have already used a pole saw that did not extend but used extension handles, so when I added a new handle it gained 6 to 8 feet in length! This Fiskars extendable pole saw pruner has an advantage with more manageable length increments.


Where Can I Find This Pruner / What Is Its Price?

The Fiskar name is popular and is carried at many stores. Pole saw pruners are less likely to be carried than your standard small hand cutting tools, but the bigger stores may have them in stock. Another great option is to shop online stores that offer free delivery!

The pole pruners can be found while online shopping for under $60 with free delivery included!

I’ve located this Fiskars extendable pole saw pruner at Acme Tools and Amazon. They will both ship this pole saw to your doorstep, saving you a shopping trip.


What Will I Do With The Branches I Cut?

You have several options to choose from, depending on your location.

  • Many townships have cleanup dates and they encourage you to drag or carry your yard debris and branches to the road gutter and they will come along with big equipment and carry it away.
  • You may be able to burn at your place. Cut each branch into manageable lengths and make a pile. Someday the weather is right you can invite your family or friends over and roast hot dogs and marshmallows around your campfire!
  • Your local rental business should have a chipper you can rent, it will quickly grind your branches.
  • If you have a truck or trailer you can load the branches onto it and haul them away. You should be able to find a place to dump them at a yard waste drop off sponsored by your local township or a neighboring township. Even better if you can find a place that makes landscape mulch. They grind branches and wood into mulch to sell for people to use in their flowerbeds.


Work Safely – You Will Be Cutting Above Yourself

Common sense applies here, but remember the higher you reach the more likely you will be standing in or near the drop area. You may be interested in wearing a hard hat designed for tree work. They will protect your head and the face screen will help keep sawdust from falling on your face.

Also, keep all small children and pets clear of the work area, we do not want an unnecessary injury from being hit by a falling branch.


In Conclusion

I enjoy my career as a co-owner in a family owned Tree Pruning and Removal business that I have been a part of for 15+ years. I hope to have helped you in some way by showing you a pole saw pruners.

Thank you for reading and if you have any tree pruning or cutting questions be sure to ask them in the comments below!

Your arborist friend:


4 thoughts on “Fiskars Extendable Pole Saw Pruner – DIY Tree Pruning”

  1. Hi
    I have a pole extender tree pruner. I don’t think it is that model but it looks exactly the same – has a detachable saw-blade and the pruning clipper operated by a rope. I use this thing at least once a year. I’ve even got up on the roof of our house and pruned small limbs off the towering pine tree that looms menacingly over our house and constantly threatens to flatten us every time there is a violent storm. That year there was a particularly annoying branch rubbing against our chimney. Dangerous for two obvious reasons.
    One suggestion I would add to your list of precautions – as you say were a face covering. I would say wear goggles that fully protect your eyes. Not only are you at risk of the pieces you are trimming falling in your face but many trees shed tiny bits of anything from the leaves and branches and that can be really unpleasant when that gets in your eyes.
    Thanks for a great article
    Best regards

    • Hello, Nice to here you sharing your experience! I have to admit I have stood on my share of roofs while cutting branches. The extra height advantage is great. Although care must be taken we don’t fall of. I am happy to hear you were able to cut the branch that was rubbing the chimney.
      Falling sawdust from the saw is an issue nobody can escape and by wearing full sized goggles we will keep sawdust out of our eyes. Having fine dust swirling around all day leaves the eyes feeling tired and irritated if goggles aren’t worn.

  2. I didn’t even know pole saws existed until I was told by a friend about it. It is so much easier to use than the usual… climbing on a tree and sawing off the branch. So much effort saved.

    • Thanks for sharing a comment.
      They are a useful tool to cut branches while safely standing on the ground.
      Especially useful in clearing low hanging limbs over a deck or patio.


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