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Greenworks 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw – Great For Home Use

I am going to write about a useful tool that will easily help you with cleanup of broken down limbs or cut trees into firewood. The Greenworks 18 inch electric chainsaw is a budget friendly option to keep your property in tip-top shape. The 18-inch bar is long enough for almost all your do it yourself projects around your home and the 14.5 amp motor provides power to cut through large logs.

This chainsaw is easy to operate and affordable. There is little to no maintenance and no winterization is needed. A gas chainsaw can be difficult to start. This chainsaw will start at the push of a button, simplifying the starting process!

Greenworks 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw Overview

  • Motor – 120V AC, 60 Hz, 14.5 amps
  • Speed – 6000 RPM ( no load)
  • Auto Oiler – Yes
  • Oil Tank – Translucent
  • Chain pitch – 3/8 inch
  • Chain gauge – 0.05 inch
  • Chain Tensioning – Tool-less
  • Warranty – 4 Years
  • Chainsaw weight – 11.46 pounds
  • Chainsaw dimensions – 33 x 10.2 x 8.5 inches


Description About The Chainsaw

An 18-inch Oregon bar and chain are provided with the chainsaw. The Oregon name is both well-known and respected for their reputation in making quality tools and accessories.

A tool-less chain tensioning setup will help keep the chain from becoming loose. With a few turns of the easy to grasp adjustment knob your can tighten the chain. The other knob is to loosen the chainsaw bar and replace the chain and it is also tool-less.

An automatic oiler provides an oil lubrication to the bar and chain as the saw is cutting. Oil is essential to a chainsaw, it keeps the bar and chain from getting hot as it cuts through the wood. A neat feature is the translucent oil tank allowing easy view of the oil level without needing to remove the oil tank cap.

A wrap around handle gives the user many different places to hold the chainsaw as they cut and allows for many different cutting positions and angles.


Electric Chainsaws Are Incredibly Affordable And No Maintenance

An electric chainsaw is the cheapest chainsaw you can buy and there should be no maintenance other than replacing a dull chain. They have plenty of power for light to medium use and are much quieter than regular chainsaws, which can be a huge advantage depending on where you live or if you have nearby neighbors who dislike noise.

The electric chainsaw motor uses 120 volts of electricity, meaning there are no harmful engine exhaust fumes and you can even cut indoors! The electric motor chainsaw benefits are environmental friendly and you do not need to worry about mixing gas or running out of gas.

They are extremely simple to start. Just a push of a safety button and pull the trigger! No extended hassle pulling a starter rope on a stubborn gas chainsaw that just will not start. I can definitely say from experience that is frustrating! It can make me want to throw away the chainsaw and buy one that works!


A Few Safety Tips From My Experiences With Chainsaws

Use extreme caution when cutting a tree or large branch that has fallen down. Often times the limbs on the underside are under pressure from the weight of the tree on top. As you cut, watch out that a spring-loaded limb doesn’t hit you as you cut it off.

Be careful cutting limbs above your shoulders. When the branch is cut off it usually lands on its tips first, pushing the butt-end toward you a few feet. Watch that it doesn’t land on your toes or feet.

Chainsaw kickback can be very dangerous, take care to avoid it by using two hands on the chainsaw and keep a firm grip on the front handle.

Be sure to have a sharp chain on your chainsaw. It will cut much easier and faster. A dull chain will not cut straight and will also stress the motor.

A new chain may not look dangerous but there are many small razor sharp teeth, and it can be easy to mistakenly slice a finger. I have a few cuts because I wasn’t wearing my leather work gloves.


Concluding Thoughts And Advice

I have been working as a landscaper and an arborist for over 15 years and am thankful for the experiences I have with chainsaws and other power tools. I know firsthand the advantages of owning a chainsaw and the many things they can be used for. I believe an electric chainsaw is a great addition to your outdoor tools!

Greenworks also makes a 14 inch and a 16-inch electric chainsaw along with this 18 inch chainsaw. If you would like to consider a cordless chainsaw and have interest in reading about their popular and best-selling 40 volt family of cordless chainsaws your can find information about them. The Greenworks 40 volt 12 inch bar and Greenworks 40 volt 16 inch bar are both in the top 10 best-selling chainsaw list!

A chain can stay sharp a long time with careful use and not sawing through the log into the dirt. Be sure to have at least one extra sharp chain handy, if you accidentally saw into a rock the chain will become dull immediately and need to be replaced.

Chainsaws are enjoyable to operate, feeling the power of the saw in my hands and watching the sawdust fly gives a sense of satisfaction knowing the job is well done!

If your already own a chainsaw I would love to hear about your
experience from using it or if your have any other questions or comments I will
try my best to answer them.

Your arborist friend:


Photo credits: Greenworks Tools



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