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Greenworks Pro 18 Inch 80 Volt Chainsaw – Equal To Gas Engines

Hello all! I am writing a review on one of the top 18-inch cordless chainsaws in the industry. The Greenworks Tools brand is a leader in battery powered outdoor tools for DIY home and garden use. They are also welcomed by professional landscapers and construction businesses.

The Greenworks PRO 18 inch 80 volt chainsaw is in a class of its own when it comes to customer appreciation. Offering power and performance of comparable size gas powered chainsaws, but without all the hassle of gas fumes, engine vibration and noise. You can also forget about the sometimes near impossible task of getting a gas saw started or the costly yearly engine tune-ups and service gas saws require.

Greenworks PRO 18-Inch 80 Volt Cordless Chainsaw Overview

  • Battery Voltage – 80 volts
  • Battery Capacity – 2 Ah
  • Bar Length – 18 inches
  • Automatic Chain Oiler – Yes
  • Bucking Spikes – Yes, made of metal
  • Chain Brake – Yes
  • Oil tank – Yes
  • Chain speed – 36 feet per second
  • Chain pitch – 3/8″
  • Chain gauge – 0.05″
  • Chainsaw warranty – 4 years
  • Battery warranty – 2 years
  • Chainsaw weight – 11 pounds / 13.7 pounds with battery
  • Chainsaw dimensions – 7.56 inches wide, 9.68 inches high, 32.4 inches long
  • Chainsaw kit includes – The saw, a battery, a charger, a bar scabbard, a wrench to change and adjust the chain


Description Of This Powerful And Robust Chainsaw

The Greenworks Pro 80 volt cordless chainsaw offers a DigiPro brushless motor comparable to a 45cc gas powered chainsaw and the engine torque is 1.8 Kw. The featured easy start system gets the chainsaw running almost immediately without the strenuous effort required to use a pull rope.

One fully charged battery is capable of powering 150 cuts through 4 inch square pressure treated lumber. And the 18-inch bar is fully capable of handling a tree trunk up to 34 inches in diameter!

The rapid 30-minute charge is beneficial and convenient, if you own 2 batteries you will not need to wait for the battery to recharge.

Greenworks doubles the industry standard by offering an outstanding 4-year warranty, along with a 2-year warranty on the battery.

The automatic bar and chain oiler will keep the bar and chain from getting hot along with providing sufficient lubrication to keep the chain cutting smoothly.

The motor has excellent torque and long-lasting life along with quiet operation. An electronic chain brake is a standard piece of safety equipment designed to prevent against serious injury from saw kickback along with providing an efficient and quick way to manually stop the chain.

The steel bucking spikes are comparable to commercial model chainsaws, assisting in keeping the saw body tight against the log and providing leverage to apply more pressure to the guide bar for faster cutting. The top wrap around handle is constructed of metal for extra strength and covered with rubber to provide enhanced comfort and grip.

A convenient clear plastic oil tank allows you to see when the oil is low and allows you to refill before it becomes empty and the bar and chain overheat.

The chain fastening and tension tool is stored in a compartment inside the saw handle, assisting in keeping the chain tension set correctly and ensuring you will never forget to take it with you.

Would you like the option to purchase this chainsaw or learn more about other sizes of Greenworks chainsaws? Click here to view the 5 popular Greenworks chainsaws with varying battery voltage and bar lengths.


Battery Powered Chainsaws Are Low Maintenance and Efficient

In some other cordless chainsaws a battery will usually not offer as much power as a gas engine but that is pretty much the only drawback to them. The cordless tool industry has seen exponential growth in the last several years and now they are beginning to offer batteries that can compare with gas engines.

Some advantages the cordless chainsaw have over gas powered saws are substantial and especially beneficial for homeowners, landscapers, and DIYers. They are guaranteed to start regardless of the weather or how long they sat on your shelf. They do not have a carburetor that the ethanol in gasoline will corrode, leading to an expensive repair. Gasoline simply sitting in the gas tank for an extended time will harm the carburetor.

You will never injure or tire yourself pulling on a starter rope trying to start a stubborn saw. The simple and easy on switch and adjustable throttle allows you to stop and restart quickly.


Last Thoughts And Tips

Being a co-owner of a family owned tree pruning and removal business gives me plenty of experience with chainsaws! A gas powered commercial grade saw is best for cutting very large trees our business as they provide unlimited run time as long as you have gas on hand. Although a cordless chainsaw is an excellent choice for home use!

Others that have purchased this saw were genuinely impressed by the efficiency and power of this chainsaw, It offers commercial grade features that are great for home use like the power and the length of the bar. It is easily able to cut firewood from the trunks of trees. Many of people previously owned a gas powered saw and now the battery powered saw has become their new favorite.

A simple tip on how to check the chain tension on the chainsaw, place the saw on a flat surface and pull the chain 1/8″ away from the guide bar using your index finger and thumb. It should easily pull away from the guide bar 1/8″ and when you release the chain it should go back to the bar. There should be no sagging belly in the chain on the underside of the guide bar.

New chains may not look dangerous, but they are very sharp. Use caution with sharp chains, preferably wear gloves when handling them. I’ve had several small cuts on my fingers from not wearing leather gloves when handling a new chain.

Be careful cutting above your shoulders, the branch is supporting the chainsaw, plus you may be pushing the chainsaw down on the branch and when the branch is cut through the chainsaw may suddenly drop if you don’t have a firm grip on it.

Chainsaws are fun and enjoyable to operate and I love to cut large trees! I hope you love your new Greenworks chainsaw and enjoy cutting wood with it!

If you already own a Greenworks chainsaw I would love to hear about your experience with it or if you have any other questions or comments I will try my best to answer them.

Your arborist friend:


4 thoughts on “Greenworks Pro 18 Inch 80 Volt Chainsaw – Equal To Gas Engines”

  1. Ah, there is nothing like feeling the power of a chainsaw in your hands. I used to live in Alaska and used a chainsaw plenty of times up there. Now, I am a desert dweller and don’t have much use/need for them here. The only improvement for this article would be a picture or two of the reviewed chainsaw. That would help break up the words on this post.

    • Awesome! I would love to live in Alaska! Plenty of trees to cut and maintain there. I do really like the chainsaws we own and love cutting trees.

  2. Hi Justin
    This is very useful information. I didn’t know anything about these tools before now. I live in an area full of trees and these tools would come in handy. Now, I know better.

    Thank you


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