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Hard Hats For Tree Work – Ear And Eye Protection

As a co-owner of a family owned tree pruning and removal business, my goal is to help you by describing the hard hats for tree work we use on our jobs. The brands I recommend and some facts about them I learned from wearing them. They are comfortable to wear all day and offer head, ear, eye, and face protection.


The Hard Hats For Tree Work Protects The Most Important Part Of The Body

The hard hat is a vital piece of our equipment, I can assure you of that from the numerous times it has protected my head and face. The hardhat goes on when we start a job and comes off when we finish the job. Our hardhats are designed for arborist tree work and are equipped with a durable steel mesh full face screen designed to protect your face and eyes from flying debris. They also have ear muffs to help block out engine and tool sound. We like to use a Stihl or Husqvarna brand hard hat. They are among the best in name brand and reliability. I used to wear the Husqvarna brand but now my personal preference and the one I have been using for a while is the Stihl ProMark.


The Stihl ProMark Helmet – The Top Of The Line In Comfort And Protection

hardhats for tree workThe Stihl ProMark Helmet is designed to offer premium protection to the head. It has a lightweight ABS thermoplastic shell and a six-point ratchet-style suspension system for shock absorption, to keep the helmet stable as I work and for overall comfort.

One size fits most, it simply has a dial knob on the back that tightens or loosens the band around the head. The full size face mask flips up and out of line of sight when not needed. When the ear muffs are not needed they can be pulled away from the ears and swiveled above or behind the hard hat and out of the way.

The ear muffs also can be adjusted about an inch, by sliding up or down its connecting arm. A built-in rain gutter directs rain away from your face. The face mask and ear muffs can be removed if you want to use the hard hat without those accessories.

This is the commercial-grade helmet and recommend for professionals and everyday use. We use this model in our business and it is my personal favorite. I have been using it for quite a while. This is my #1 choice for anybody to use, even in limited use, but especially if you will be wearing it several times a week or for a full time job.



The Stihl Forestry Helmet – The Hard Hats For Tree Work

hard hats for tree work

The Stihl Forestry Helmet System protection starts with a hard shell of ABS thermoplastic. It also has a six-point, ratchet-style suspension system that absorbs shock and keeps the helmet stable while you work.

The hard hat also features a Cool Guard sweatband to keep perspiration out of your eyes, as well as a built-in rain gutter to direct rain away from your face during inclement weather.

Adjustable hearing protectors comfortably reduce noise and swivel and fold behind or above the hard hat, while a steel full-face screen helps protect from flying debris. The face screen and ear muffs can be removed if you want to use the hard hat without these accessories.

This is a model we use in our business, although one complaint about this hard hat is the ear muffs do not press tightly enough against your head to seal completely and you may also need to wear earplugs if you are working in extremely noisy conditions.


Husqvarna Technical  Forest Helmet With Wheel Ratchet

The is the brand I wore before I upgraded to the Stihl ProMark. The tough HDPE helmet shell comes with a metal mesh visor, that is easily lowered or raised, and provides good visibility and good water runoff. The earmuffs are adjustable and can be folded behind or above the head.

It features 6-point suspension plus 3 different settings to adjust the depth of how the helmet sits on your head and has a cotton core sweatband with porous PU coating for maximum sweat absorption.

I have noticed some Husqvarna models, including this one, have a shorter face screen than the Stihl models. But if that is not an issue for you, I would recommend this hard hat.


Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet – Protection On A Budget Model

The Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet  includes UV-protected orange hard hat, adjustable 6 point suspension system and face screen that can easily be raised or lowered. New Hi-Visibillty orange color for improved safety.

It does not have a dial knob to adjust for the head size but has a simple manual adjustment. Similar to a cap. The face mask is not as long as some other models. The face mask flips up and out of line of sight, the ear muffs are a snug fit and swivel behind or above the hard hat and the overall comfort is great.

This is Husqvarna’s budget hard hat, but will still provide adequate protection for your head and face.


TR Industrial Hard Hat- Forestry Safety Helmet & Ear Muffs

The TR industrial Hard Hat is a 5 in 1 safety helmet comes with helmet, adjustable/removable earmuffs. Lightweight, interchangeable mesh and plastic visors provide shielding from debris providing dynamic protection for any job. It provides the protection you need when using chainsaws, brush cutters, and trimmers, ideal for forestry type work.

Secures firmly on head and a dial knob makes it easy to adjust the circumference to fit most people. This is among the cheapest hardhat you can buy that still offers a face screen and ear muffs.

I do not have any experience with this model and would recommend it for infrequent use.


In Conclusion – Think Safety First When Considering Hard Hats For Tree Work

I hope this helped you, if you are doing research about hard hats or thinking about purchasing one.

If you have any questions about my experiences with hard hats, I will try to help.

Your arborist friend:

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  1. Hello there! I like the way you’ve shown your concern about being safety. You’ve placed everything in order. Size of the pictures, and the way you’ve given a brief about the product is just amazing. Indeed its captivating. Your customer will love it. Goodluck!!

  2. Thank you Justin for this great information on the different models of Hard Hats for tree work. This site is very well established and you have provided several of the best models of hard hats to choose from. You have provided in detail what is the best about each and what may be lacking on the others. You have also gave you preference on the one you use or like the best and why.

    This is a very well designed platform for anyone to read and understand to know which model is best for their application.

    • Thank you for reading and for your comments! My goal is to provide my opinions from experience, along with facts to help others with limited or no experience in choosing the correct equipment..

  3. This site is very well designed. It provides exact details for each model of hard hat and which one you feel is the best. You have in detail described how each one works where anyone can review and decide which is the best model to choose for their application.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment! I have been fortunate to have used several different brands and models over the years. But now I love the one I am using!


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