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Get Rope Up A Tree – Aborist Throw Rope

Rope in a treeHello all! So many of us have a tree or many trees at our homes. Trees are great for many things, shade in the summer, they put oxygen in the air and are a home to many small animals and birds. They are also a great place to hang a swing, all you need to do is get rope up a tree for it, or tie a hammock to them and relax.

My name is Justin and I am a co-owner of a family owned tree pruning and removal business, so most of the time I need to put a rope in a tree is to help with the trimming or removal. I will tell you about the arborist throw rope, a tool that will help you get any rope up a tree without climbing it.

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Commercial Tree Removal Equipment

Bucket truckHello all! I am a co-owner of a family owned tree pruning and removal business. I am going to tell you about the commercial tree removal equipment we use in our business. Such as the work trucks we drive, the trailer we use, the wood chipper, and the tractor with the 3 point stump grinder attachment.

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About Justin

Hello all! My name is Justin. Welcome to my website focusing on tools and equipment used to trim, prune, or remove trees and shrubs.

My Story

My first job was working for a landscaping business. I would often be working at new houses planting the shrubs and trees in landscape beds in the front of and around the house. I worked there for approximately 7 years.

During the winter months landscape work would be slow so I would work for the Tree Pruning and Removal business my Dad owned.

In 2012 I decided to step away from landscaping and focus on our Tree Service business. I also became a co-owner in my Dad’s business. Our work consists mainly of pruning and removing trees. We also do stump grinding at many of our tree removal jobs.

I enjoy my job, working with family and employees. The different types of trees each job presents keeps each day different from the day before.

Our family owned Tree Pruning and Removal business is located in northeastern United States.

Why I Want To Help People

At many of our jobs I see people watching us and taking photos or videotaping us as we work. What we do is not something most people can see very often from their homes.

I want to help others that have an interest in the work we do and answer their questions about the tools we use.

The Goal Of My Site

My goal is to share my experience, opinions, facts, and information about the tools and products used for pruning, trimming, and cutting and to help you determine which tools will work best for you.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Your Arborist Friend,


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