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Best Residential Wood Chipper – It Makes Useful Mulch

Do you have many beautiful trees growing on your property and have often wondered which the best residential wood chipper would be for you to quickly and efficiently chip the branches that you cut off when pruning trees for their health and beauty? It sure doesn’t take long or many cuts until their is a large pile of branches laying on the ground that can make it difficult walk around and finish the pruning job!

A residential wood chipper is also useful when a storm breaks down branches or you want to clean up other dead limbs that have fallen from the trees.

Their are many different sizes of chippers or shredders and the best residential wood chipper for you may will vary depending on the size of the job or the diameter of the branches you will be chipping. Most of these chippers are gas powered with the smallest chippers using electric.

You may be looking for a larger model that will be able to chip 6 inch diameter branches and firewood pieces or a smaller and cheaper model that can chip 3 inch diameter branches. There is a budget electric model that can chip up to 1.5 inch diameter branches and is ideal for small branches and twigs.

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