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Top Rated Battery Chainsaws – Best Cordless Chainsaws

Did you ever wish you owned a chainsaw to cut or prune some low branches you keep bumping your head on as you mow your lawn? These top rated battery chainsaws are the perfect addition to your outdoor power tools, capable of clearing all low branches, ensuring you can mow your grass in peace. With these cordless chainsaws you can clean up a broken down limb or cut down a tree you no longer want. You can also cut plenty of firewood for a campfire or to heat your home during the winter.

Below are 5 of Greenworks Tools best cordless chainsaws in 2020, they are from the 80 volt and 40 volt family of cordless tools. I have listed them in order of size starting with the largest.

I have written about each of these chainsaws in separate articles, so if you have interest in one of them and would like to read more information you can follow the links to the articles.


Greenworks Chainsaw Have These Features:

  • Automatic bar and chain oiler
  • Wrap around handle
  • Translucent oil tank
  • Bar and chain brand is Oregon
  • 4 year warranty on the chainsaw
  • 2 year warranty on the battery

These chainsaw all have metal bucking spikes except the smallest one which has small plastic bucking spikes.

These chainsaws and many others are sold by and they’re usually packaged with a battery and charger and a bar scabbard, although they are available as a tool only, if you own other Greenworks tools with the same voltage you would simply be able to share the batteries!

If you prefer the DEWALT brand of tools, they also make battery powered chainsaws. Here is more information on a 20 volt and 60 volt cordless DEWALT chainsaw. STIHL is another excellent option and a favorite for professional use.


The Workhorse – 18 Inch Bar, 80 Volts

Those looking for a powerful chainsaw with an extended run time you will be interested in this workhorse Greenworks 18 inch 80 volt chainsaw offering 30% more power than the 16 inch 40 volt chainsaw!

The DigiPro brushless motor has power equivalent to a 45cc gas chainsaw and the 1.8 Kw of torque ensures you will have no problem sawing large amounts of firewood or cutting up trees. Its large 18-inch bar with 0.05 inch gauge chain will be able to cut a log up to 34 inches in diameter!

This workhorse chainsaw weighs 11 pounds, 13.7 pounds including the 2 Ah battery capable of powering 150 cuts on 4×4 inch wood!

It can quickly cut through large logs with a chain speed approximately 49 feet per second, phenomenal for a battery powered chainsaw!

Read more about this chainsaw, which is easily my 2nd favorite of these top rated battery chainsaws.


A Powerful Contender – 16 Inch Bar, 80 Volts

You want the power but don’t need an 18-inch bar? Then this will be the next best option. This Greenworks 16 inch 80 volt chainsaw has a shorter bar but otherwise compares pretty closely to the previous saw.

Its DigiPro brushless motor is efficient and powerful, capable of making 120 cuts on 4×4 inch wood with the 2 Ah battery.

Its 16 inch bar is a nearly perfect length for many jobs, especially those around the home and the DIY enthusiast! The chainsaw weighs approximately 11 pounds, 13.7 pounds including the 2 Ah battery.

You can read more about this chainsaw.


The Best Chainsaw – 16 Inch Bar, 40 Volts

My favorite of the top rated battery chainsaws are the Geenworks 16 inch 40 volt models. The lightweight chainsaw is very popular and at the top of best selling lists. It is the perfect all round chainsaw capable of tackling almost any job. It’s manufacturer claims it can cut a cord of wood with a single charge using the 4 Ah battery.

A digital controlled brushless motor generates power comparable to a 40cc gas chainsaw, which is easily enough power for cutting branches, trees, and firewood.

This chainsaw has a slim 0.043 chain gauge and its speed is approximately 40 feet per second ensuring smooth and fast cutting.

The chainsaw weighs 10.36 pounds and 13.33 pounds with the included generously sized 4 Ah battery capable of 150 cuts of 4×4 inch wood!

Here is more information about this popular chainsaw.


The Medium Size – 14 Inch Bar, 40 Volts

For those who like the 40 volt size and power, but would like a shorter bar, the Greenworks 40 volt 14 inch chainsaw is a great fit and is one of the best cordless chainsaws in 2020.

A digital controlled brushless motor has power equivalent to a 40cc gas chainsaw. It’s able to cut broken down storm damaged limbs or trees in to manageable pieces, you can clean up the damage yourself!

This medium size chainsaw weighs in at 10.4 pounds and 12.3 pounds with the included 2.5 Ah battery that is able to last though 90 cuts on 4×4 wood

A narrow 0.043 inch gauge chain and its respectable speed of 40 feet per second ensures you will have sawdust flying!

Here is an article about this chainsaw.


The Small Budget Model – 12 Inch Bar, 40 Volts

Here we have the smallest and budget friendly chainsaw. It’s the cheapest and would be ideal for small jobs or infrequent use. While a lot of people do love this saw because it gets the job done and fits in their budget, don’t expect it to power through large chunks of firewood.

This saw does not have the newer DigiPro brushless motor and therefore has less power than the other 40 volt chainsaws.

This chainsaw is the lightest, weighing 9.3 pounds and 11.2 pounds with the included 2 Ah battery, which could make 75 cuts on 4×4 wood.

This chainsaw has a 0.05 inch gauge chain that travels at a relatively slow speed, of 14.1 feet per second. That seems slow, but for smaller jobs or infrequent use it would be manageable.

Here is more information on this chainsaw. This saw has been hanging around the top of the best-selling list for quite a while.


The Batteries – Multiple Sizes For Various Jobs

40 volt and 80 volt batteries are available in 4 sizes, 2 Ah, 2.5Ah, 4Ah, 5Ah. The bigger the battery the longer it will power your tool, but it will also be slightly heavier.

If your jobs are small you can use the small battery. To cut a large amount of firewood you will want to consider using the larger battery.

The charge time varies as well with different chargers and battery sizes. The 2 Ah battery can charge in about 30 – 60 minutes, while the 4 and 5 Ah hour takes about 2 hours to charge. Greenworks makes a quick charger that can reduce the charge times.

Their is usually some confusion with battery volts and amp hours (Ah). A simple illustration will help clear it up. Think of the battery volts as the size of a truck’s engine and the Ah as the size of its gas tank. Each battery of equal voltage supplies the same amount of power but each Ah larger will last longer.


Cordless Chainsaw Benefits

The cordless chainsaw industry has grown in leaps and bounds in the recent years and there are many different manufactures. Greenworks Tools is at the top because they offer a complete lineup of outdoor cordless power tools for homeowners to veteran landscapers. They include lawn mowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, and string trimmers to name a few. The 40 volt family has over 25 outdoor power tools! While the 80 volt family has 8 different kinds of tools, along with various sizes for some of them!
Some of the most noticeable benefits of a cordless chainsaw over a gas chainsaw are especially useful for the majority of their owners. If you have ever used a gas chainsaw I am sure you have noticed they can be difficult to start, even worse if its cold outside or if they aren’t used very often. These chainsaws will start at the pull of the trigger, eliminating uncertainty about whether you will be able to get it running!

Battery engines are environmentally friendly, no harmful exhaust fumes from a battery powered engine. Without exhaust fumes these tools can even be used indoors!

With a cordless chainsaw there is little to no maintenance, no engine tuneups or carburetor repairs needed because of corrosive gas sitting in the chainsaw between uses.

They are much quieter than gas chainsaws, some people don’t use hearing protection. Although if you plan to be using the chainsaw for a while I would recommend you still use something to cut down the noise. My favorite earplugs are 3M classic foam earplugs.


In Conclusion / About Me

I want to share a few tips and tricks I have learned as a co-owner in a family owned Tree Pruning and Removal business. Although we use commercial grade gas chainsaws in our business, I can definitely see the growth and popularity of cordless chainsaws.

My personal opinion on cordless chainsaws is that they are perfect for homeowners and around the house, farm, cabin, or vacation home. And at times for landscaping and tree service businesses. Although for heavy use and long days you are going to want a gas chainsaw.

Be sure bar and chain oil is in the tank before you start cutting. The oil helps with lubrication and helps prevent the chain and bar from getting hot. Bar and chain oil does not come with the chainsaw, you will need to purchase some bar and chain oil. I prefer using the Husqvarna Bar and Chain oil, but any generic brand will do the job.

Last but not least, use common sense when operating a chainsaw. When cutting is going easily and fast, it is easy to forget the damage a chainsaw can cause when used improperly. I have seen enough of injuries and close calls to respect them.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases a small commission, there is no extra charge to you.

I would enjoy hearing from you, if you have any experience or any questions to ask, simply leave them in the comments below and I will reply as best I can!

Your arborist friend:




16 thoughts on “Top Rated Battery Chainsaws – Best Cordless Chainsaws”

  1. Hey nice article you have there. if you need a portable, accurate, and a lightweight tool to use for light jobs at home, you should consider the best battery chainsaw. A battery-powered chainsaw doesn’t use electricity or fuel. Instead, it relies on rechargeable batteries to operate. Whenever you want to use this tool for any light operation, you would need to charge the battery in advance.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Many people are choosing them over gas chainsaws because they are easy to use!

  2. Hey mate, I’ve got the Greenworks PRO and I love it! I have loved it for years and it has finally had its days. I am looking for a new one but when I searched on Amazon it says they are not available. I was wondering if they would be available in the future? If so, I’ll just save my money and wait, otherwise I might buy one of your other recommendations. Thanks

    • Hello! I am happy to hear from somebody who has owned and used this chainsaw!

      You could make the small upgrade to the chainsaw with the 18 inch bar, Greenworks recently made a few tweaks to improve their chainsaws.

      If you want to wait until they have your model in stock, it should be in stock by the end of May 2020.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences!

  3. Hi there. I am not really a tools person so I really do appreciate running into this post. Also, I have a few trees in my background so I have been searching for a lightweight portable chainsaw that I can handle easily. Also I have small children and I always am cautious about bringing in tools that may be a danger to them. Based upon your post, I am leaning towards the small budget model. Most likely will need this to take care of trimming my newly planted trees just about once a year. Do you this this is a good option for such a job, or should I look for something more powerful.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I believe in using extra caution with power tools and where they are stored when children are in the family.
      The small chainsaw would be excellent for trimming limbs on your new tree and I believe you would find other uses for the chainsaw as well!
      I enjoy the occasional campfire and this chainsaw would be great for cutting branches for your outdoor fire pit.

  4. Hey! I am glad to come across this review, it reminds me when I was much younger  that I use to watch a neighbor who is into wood sawing business and how he often struggle to Cary huge rubber of petrol along each time, the stress from plug and the to much noise that accompanied the work. But you have shared a battery powered chainsaws this is great I believe it will be less stressful to operate, free from smoke and plug problem this amazing.
    I will recommend your article to him if he will still need it…thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for reading and sharing a comment. I hope your neighbor can use a chainsaw that suits his needs as he continues his wood carving business!

  5. This is a really helpful information; while not a tree-trimmer myself, there is a very jungle-challenged family member of mine who will truly benefit from this information so I will forward your website their direction.

    That you have expertise and passion in your subject matter and an easy-to-navigate site will be very helpful to many.

    • Thanks for sharing this post with others! I am happy to help others by sharing what I have learned while using similar tools!

  6. Justin,

    Thanks for the rundown on all these electric chain saws.  There are definitely a lot of benefits to going electric, and you highlighted some great points on the maintenance of the equipment being much lower on electric, which is a huge no brainer for homeowners not using chainsaws as frequently.  Down the road when i’m in the market for a chainsaw i’m going to revisit this page!


    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! I am seeing electric tools in other people’s garages, proving their popularity.

  7. Hello there, thanks for this interesting piece of review, it was really helpful. Tree pruning and removal has been made easy and stress-free compared to the traditional way of doing it.

    With the help of machines like chainsaws, tree removal has been made easy.  I had the opportunity to use some of these chainsaws and trust me when I say the feeling is great as it makes the work easier and saves time!


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