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Toy Chainsaws For Kids – The Best Christmas Gift

Is it near Christmas time? Or perhaps your child’s birthday is coming up and you are trying to find the perfect gift! Maybe you already have too many toy tractors and trucks, then you could consider one of these toy chainsaws for kids. Some of them are extremely realistic and even have a running chain along with an engine noise!

If you or somebody you know has a chainsaw that they use for cutting firewood to provide heat for their house or maybe you use a chainsaw every day at work and your children have been watching and are extremely anxious to try their hand at cutting some wood. Well, your child is probably far too young to safely operate a real chainsaw so their next best option would be a realistic toy chainsaw specially designed for kids!

STIHL Chainsaw

toy chainsaws for kids

If your favorite brand of chainsaw is a STIHL you are in luck! One of the best and most realistic toy chainsaws for kids is a toy modeled after the real STIHL chainsaws. From its color to its looks, it is easy to see why this is a sought after toy for the STIHL enthusiast to give to their children.

This chainsaw is a matching orange and white color to the real chainsaw and its length of 40 centimeters is big enough and still lightweight to be an excellent toy for kids to play with.

The added bonus of a running chain and engine noise is sure to bring a smile to your kids face when he opens and plays with his Christmas present! I’m sure he will have a great time as he pretends to cut firewood for the wood stove or pretends to cut trees throughout the house!

Husqvarna Chainsawtoy chainsaws for kids

If your favorite chainsaw is a Husqvarna then you have hit the jackpot and need to look no further than this fine toy! This reasonably priced chainsaw has an orange engine with a light gray chainsaw bar.

The Husqvarna toy chainsaws for kids are a replica of the actual gas powered 440 Husqvarna chainsaws. The detail on this toy chainsaw is phenomenal and its rotating plastic chain and realistic cutting noises will keep your son or daughter entertained for hours, practicing their skills at cutting wood just like their Dad does!

This chainsaw can also be purchased as part of a tool kit that includes the chainsaw, a leaf blower, hedge trimmer and a weed eater if you want to go all out and get the set of 4 toys!

Liberty Toy Chainsaw

If you don’t care about name brand resemblance you have several other options to chose from. The Liberty chainsaw is a popular low cost choice that still closely resembles an actual chainsaws. Its colorful engine and chainsaw bar will be sure to catch the eye of a child!

Its battery operated just like all the others and is recommended for ages 3 and up! It has realistic sounds and vibrating movement making it a great toy chainsaw for kids that love imitating their daddy’s work!

If your child is young enough that matching name brand to a real chainsaw doesn’t matter to them they will be happy with any chainsaw that has a moving chain and makes cutting noise!

Why I Like These Toy Chainsaws For Kids

First of all as a co-owner in a family owned tree pruning and removal business I am using a chainsaw almost every day at work, so I am plenty familiar with them. My favorite chainsaw is STIHL but Husqvarna is a great chainsaw as well.

As for which of these toy chainsaws for kids I would choose for my son, I would lean toward the STIHL. Although the Husqvarna is a tempting option with it resembling one of their real chainsaws! My son is still to little for a toy like this, so I guess I have a few years to decide which to get him for Christmas! Hopefully in a few years he can have a toy chainsaw that closely resembles the chainsaw his Dad and Grandpa use!

Now of course these are just 3 of the many brands of toy chainsaws for kids you can buy. These STIHL and Husqvarna are closely modeled after the professional grade chainsaws and the Liberty is right behind them, although they are definitely not your only option to choose from.

Where Is A Good Place To Shop For A Toy Chainsaw?

First you will need to decide which is your favorite method of shopping. Do you like to go to the store and get a good look at the toys or gifts you want to buy? Your local hardware or lawn and garden store may have a toy section with toy chainsaws or maybe you will need to go to a Walmart or similar store.

Or perhaps this recent rapid shift to the online shopping world has now become your preferred option. My family has sure begun to do more shopping online! The ease of looking over many more brands and different kinds of toys than one store carries and then having those toys delivered to my door is a great way to get the Christmas shopping done for the family reunion.

A simple online search will supply you with a place that supplies toy chainsaws for kids close to you or you can always go with a big delivery business like Amazon which may even offer free delivery!

Your Arborist Friend: Justin

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