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Wells Lamont Hydra Hyde Leather Gloves – Leather Work Gloves

Are you considering a new pair of leather work gloves? Let me tell you about my newest favorite pair of leather work gloves! The wells Lamont Hydra Hyde leather gloves are now the favorite leather work gloves in our crew and we often buy several at a time.

In our family owned tree pruning and removal business we usually wore a different Wells Lamont leather work glove, but were hoping to find something a little more comfortable and with a tighter cuff to help prevent sawdust from chainsaws and other dirt or wood chips from getting into the glove. Having fine dirt or sawdust in a glove is uncomfortable and definitely no fun as it is difficult to shake it out of all the fingers!

Wells Lamont Hydra Hyde Leather GlovesWells Lamont Hydra Hyde leather gloves

The color of these leather work gloves is the normal yellowish leather color in its palm with a sharp looking black back and wrist.

It is water resistant, but not waterproof, so if we are working in wet or rainy conditions water will eventually work its way through the glove.

Other cool features that this glove has that our previous gloves did not is a stretchy spandex back for better breathability and form fitting. The adjustable wrist strap to snug the cuff of the glove against my wrist to keep dirt and sawdust out is awesome!

Work I Do While Wearing Leather Work GlovesWells Lamont Hydra Hyde leather gloves

Leather work gloves can be used for almost any type of work, and are especially useful for outdoor work. Whether you are in the rain, snow, or mud, you can count on the durability and strength of leather work gloves.

These Wells Lamont Hydra Hyde leather gloves are my favorite leather work glove and I wear them for almost every outdoor project that requires gloves or if it is cold and I need gloves to keep my hands warm!

They are great gloves to wear while I am working in our tree pruning and removal business. Whether I am climbing the tree or in the boom truck bucket cutting branches they are a great fit. On the ground dragging branches to the chipper or running the chainsaw cutting the tree I can adjust the wrist strap to keep the glove cuff snug against my wrist to keep sawdust out of the glove.

Other jobs I wear these leather work gloves for include grinding stumps with the tractor and stump grinder attachment after the tree is cut down and then raking the yard clean after we are done.

We use a leather glove to keep our hands warm in the wintertime and wear them in the summer when working with different pine trees or other trees that have a lot of sticky tree sap. Pine sap sure can be difficult to get off my hands after a long day working with pine branches!

The leather is thick enough to handle branches with thorns and not get hurt, or when pruning shrubbery like a rose bush, holly, or barberry the cleanup time is faster if you don’t need to worry about the thorns on the branches!

Wells Lamont Hydra Hyde leather gloves are especially useful when working with sharp objects like chainsaw chains. They are razor sharp and it doesn’t take much to be cut on the finger or hand. Sometimes at the job we use a small hand file to touch up the sharpness of the chain. While doing this each stroke brings my hand very close to the sharp teeth so wearing a leather work glove is essential to keep my hand from getting cut if the file slips off the tooth I am sharpening! I have had a few minor cuts from a chainsaw chain so I now know how important it is to be wearing protective leather work gloves!

We often need to use a rope to lower limbs that are overhanging a house, shed, swing set, or some other outdoor structure. Using Wells Lamont Hydra Hyde leather gloves will help keep my hands from rope burn as I lower the cut limb.

The Wells Lamont Guarantee

It is always nice to know the quality of any product you find while shopping and Wells Lamont wants to tell you they are a proud manufacturer of quality premium leather work gloves since 1907 and stand by their work. They guarantee their Wells Lamont Hydra Hyde leather gloves to be free from manufacturer defects.

The leather has been tested and certified by the British Leather Centre to pass water resistance and breathability testing protocols.

In Conclusion

Maybe you prefer a different kind of glove or a leather glove may not be the best fit for your type of work. In our work and from the heavy use the gloves go through a leather work glove will last longer than gloves made from other materials.

If you have any questions about different leather work gloves or want to tell me about your favorite gloves I would be happy to hear about them and maybe even try them for my next pair!

Your Arborist Friend: Justin


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  1. Thank you so much for all this in-depth information. That you’ve provided on these tools. This has truly been useful for me and I must admit that you have been more thorough and concise on the details of these tools than any other review I’ve read. I will be coming back to your website for more in the future. Thank you so much 

  2. What a great review of leather gloves. I have to work in leather gloves sometimes and for them to be effective you must find the right choice. They are not all the same, correct sizing and the right features are very important.

    They sound like a really good glove from your review and experience I might have to look into them and give them a go.

    • Thanks for reading the article and sharing your experience with leather work gloves! I hope you are able to try this kind for your next pair!


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